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I've started sewing to keep myself both still and entertained while I pile on some pounds. I'm thoroughly enjoying it, but it takes me ages to make anything because the last sewing lession I had was in primary school and I dont know how to use a sewing machine. I was given one by my stepmum a while back, but I've lost the power cable and have no idea how to work it, so I hand stich everything.

At first this was a bit annoying, but I've been trying to take positives from the situation and as Malcolm Gladwell* believes that to become an expert at something you need to spend 10,000 hours practising with the correct technique

(I don’t think I agree that it's so simple, or so difficult. But am always up for a game of ‘let’s see if this works’) I decided to see this as an opportunity to get really good at something.

I don't know what the outcome of an expert 'hand-sewer' looks like, but imma see if I can find out!

This means 417 days' worth of hours, or 3 hours a day for 3,333 days - a little over 9 years....

3 hours a day for 9 years?!

I don't sleep much anyway, so... Let's fucking go! 😳😅

* (yes I'm using wiki as a quick and easy source here, you can use google if you'd prefer)

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